811 Magazines is part of the ACTS portfolio. Aligning Change To Succeed (ACTS) was incorporated in May 2007 by Roger Cox, who has more than 40 years’ experience working as an excavator, utility owner/operator, CEO of ARKUPS (a not-for-profit contract locating company) and as the CEO of Arkansas One Call. That diverse background led him to believe that there needed to be clearer and more consistent communication between the 811 Centers, their utility members and the excavating community as it related to state laws and damage prevention.

811 Magazines was created for Mississippi 811 in the fall of 2007 as an effort to let the excavators across the state about the importance of calling before they dug and about the upcoming changes to the Mississippi Dig Law.

The magazine was quickly recognized by companies trying to market to the excavating community as one of the top vehicles to reach their targeted audience of companies who used, bought or rented equipment.

811 Magazines now reaches more than 92,000 readers across the country by mail, and our readership surveys tell us that it touches more than 300,000 excavation professionals quarterly across the country.

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