Recently the Arkansas 811 Magazine team hired a third-party consulting group to conduct an online readership survey. The link to the survey was emailed to approximately 1,000 recipients of the 811 Magazine whose email addresses had been collected. The survey has now been completed and a big THANK YOU goes to those who took the time to complete it and, in the process, provide us valuable information. Before proceeding you need to know the winners of the $50 Wal Mart gift certificates. Congratulations goes to Rodney Fagan, Danny Holobaugh, Everett Horton, Billy Ray McKelvy, and Jeff Turner.

Some results from the readership survey

As you will read in the following statements, to say that the Arkansas 811 Magazine has been an effective medium for educating stakeholders about damage prevention is an understatement. Thanks go to the editors and writers for their articles of interest. Readers are encouraged to let Arkansas 811 know about topics of special interest.

Damage Prevention

  • Recipients read the Arkansas 811 Magazine. 74% of the readers spend up to 30 minutes reading the 811 Magazine with 26% spending more than 30 minutes.
  • 87% of those who receive the magazine share it with a colleague and 40% share it with 4 or more people.
  • Each copy is shared with an average of 3.27 people. With five thousand issues distributed quarterly the data shows that more than 15,000 have the opportunity to read the magazine quarterly.
  • 65% rated the magazine as an excellent/outstanding source for information about damage prevention.
  • 43% reported that the 811 Magazine is their primary source for Damage Prevention information.
  • Readers especially like articles pertaining to Arkansas 811, followed by safe digging, locating technologies and work zone safety topics.



Without the support of advertisers, the Arkansas 811 Magazine would not be able to provide such important information to its readers. Advertisers will like to learn that 60% of the readers review the ads at least half of the time. Only 7% reported never reading. Readers particularly like reading about new technologies (39%) and equipment (35%).

As you would expect, information from their dealer is the primary source for purchasing information (47%). Having said that, (25% also reported using advertisements in the 811 Magazine to help them make buying decisions.

In Conclusion

The staff preparing the 811 Magazine for publication can certainly be proud of the fact that it is a valuable medium to provide necessary damage prevention information to the industry.

Advertisers can be proud of their efforts to help create a safer Arkansas while letting people know about your new technologies and equipment.