A Day to Remember

By Joe Igel I still remember sitting at my desk that day when there was the sound of a large apparent explosion. Strangely, this was not uncommon—our office was next door to a trash compaction station which periodically blew up when some item that was not supposed to...

The Direction

Mark Stowe said, “The only thing better than being on the water with friends and catching fish is “being on the water with friends and catching fish while delivering the 811 message.” That’s what The Direction is all about. Mark said, “The success of the show is...

Providing water to rural Mississippi comes with many challenges

By Michael Downes 811 Magazines.   Nothing is as precious as a commodity that you can’t get. And water tops that list. For the last century, most Americans have taken for granted running water at their homes and businesses. In Mississippi, much of that water flows...

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