Steve’s Signal Solutions

By Steve Benzie Anyone who has been cable locating for any time will be quick to point out a few useful facts that help to locate a cable or pipe. These may include: Always try to use a low frequency Make sure the line has good continuity Make sure that both ends are...

Insurance Liability

by Virginia Reames The Policy Center Jackson, MS Laying a utility line these days is a game of “Did they mark it?” and “Did they mark it right?” Today’s high-speed, tech-driven equipment constantly ups the ante. Somebody’s gonna hit a line somewhere, scratch or skin a...

A Day to Remember

By Joe Igel I still remember sitting at my desk that day when there was the sound of a large apparent explosion. Strangely, this was not uncommon—our office was next door to a trash compaction station which periodically blew up when some item that was not supposed to...

The Direction

Mark Stowe said, “The only thing better than being on the water with friends and catching fish is “being on the water with friends and catching fish while delivering the 811 message.” That’s what The Direction is all about. Mark said, “The success of the show is...

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