Texas811 is proud to be hosting the International Utility Locate Rodeo finals again this year. The dates are October 11 – 13 in Denton, Texas.

The event is a multi-level skills course for accurately reading and identifying underground utilities in the shortest amount of time. It recognizes the profession of underground utility facility locating and demonstrates the safety, skills and on-going educational efforts associated with high-quality workmanship. The event draws competitors from all over the United States who have qualified to attend by winning local events.

At the heart of it all is a friendly competition to see who the best locator is, take home bragging rights and a trophy, and make new friends and hone locating skills with tips and tricks learned from other competitors!

Since its beginnings with Georgia 811 in 2000, the Rodeo has acknowledged locate technicians and their role in damage prevention. The Rodeo uses both time and physical measurement to test the skills of locators over a marked course, and it has stayed true to that vision.

The Rodeo’s popularity grew from six event sites on that first competition course to thirteen: three event sites per utility plus a bonus event open to all competitors called the “Locate from Hell.” Adding more events to locate specific utilities made it more challenging for competitors.

The Locate Rodeo finals moved to Texas in 2016 under the stewardship of Texas811.

Texas811 is a great host and the event is sure to be highly competitive again this year.

You can find out how to register and more info at www.locaterodeo.net.