On December 12, 2019, Mississippi 811 celebrated the move into their new office complex at 200 Country Place Parkway in Pearl with a ribbon cutting ceremony, grand tours and a lot of reminiscing from the gallery of attendees remembering the more than 30 years Mississippi 811 had resided at 5258 Cedar Park Drive in Jackson.

A sunny but cold day cut short a lot of visiting outside, but inside folks continued to praise the board of directors of Mississippi 811 for their vision in selecting this location and its potential.

Although Mississippi 811 began to operate from their new office complex in late October, this was the day set aside to recognize the new location and to remember how it all came together.

Additionally, the Mississippi 811 Board of Directors presented Sam Johnson, president of the organization, with a gold shovel in honor of his more than 35 years of service to the members of Mississippi 811 as well as his leadership of the company.

The office building has 18,000 square feet and sits on five acres in an easily accessible industrial complex just off Interstate 20 in Pearl. Take the airport exit (exit 52) on I20, cross back over the interstate and turn left onto Country Place Parkway. After turning on Country Place Parkway, drive about one mile and Mississippi 811 will be on your right.

Congratulations to Mississippi 811 and its membership on this move. There is no question but that you’ve created the perfect foundation to take damage prevention to the next level!