OHIO811 is pleased to welcome new members transitioning from OGPUPS.

In mid-September, the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (O.U.P.S.), in collaboration with the Ohio Oil and Gas Association (OOGA) and the Ohio Gas Producers Underground Protection Service (OGPUPS), announced the consolidation of Ohio’s two utility protection services under the unified OHIO811 trademark.

Since 1989, it has been the goal of OGPUPS to provide a lower-cost alternative to enable producers to be compliant with Ohio’s damage prevention laws. However, with the added regulatory measures and technological advancements in line location, the continuation of OGPUPS has become increasingly difficult to efficiently operate. As such, the OGPUPS Board of Trustees decided that it was in the best interest of all parties to come to an agreement with O.U.P.S. as O.U.P.S.’ updated line locate systems can offer producers enhanced services.

O.U.P.S. was founded in 1972 as a nonprofit collaboration of the Ohio Bell Telephone Company, East Ohio Gas Company and Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company. Charged with protecting Ohio’s underground infrastructure, the alliance provided notification to facility owners about planned excavation activities. Within its first year, O.U.P.S. processed 13,678 excavation requests. Today, we proudly service more than 1,450 members and process more than 1.4 million calls and online excavation requests annually.

Generating more than 9 million locating requests to our member utilities annually, we’re working with you to promote responsible digging, decreasing dangerous and costly damage to underground utilities.

Damage prevention is a shared responsibility in the excavation industry. Our mission is to prevent damage to your member facilities and promote public safety by providing an efficient and effective communication and education process. Throughout our 46 years of service, we have taken pride in developing a simple yet effective one-call process for contractors, homeowners and facility owners throughout Ohio.

The consolidation of Ohio’s two utility protection services eases utility notification and legal compliance for Ohio’s 11.7 million citizens and anyone else involved in property excavation projects within our state. Now, a single call to 8-1-1 or a visit to OHIO811.org insures that as potentially impacted member utilities, you are properly notified of planned excavations.

Our goal is to ensure your membership is tailored to your individual needs. In addition to receiving ticket requests for locating, our membership benefits may include: industry representation, opportunities to serve on various operating committees and Damage Prevention Councils, complimentary access to our public education program and supporting materials, access to our online Positive Response System and the option to utilize our Ticket Management System (Web TMS). Throughout the year, we are also engaged in numerous OHIO811 events, marketing campaigns and educational efforts, and have a team of liaisons who are available to conduct safety presentations throughout the state. Detailed explanations of these benefits, programs and additional member offerings may be found on our website at www.OHIO811.org

Thank you to OGPUPS and its transitioning members. Together, we are increasing the protection of the state’s critical underground utilities infrastructure and the public safety of all Ohioans.