The CLAMPMITTER, engineered by Rycom Instruments, Inc., is a unique tool for inductive coupling. The self-contained inductive transmitter condenses a transmitter and inductive coupler into one cordless package.

Safety was the first priority when designing the self-contained, stand-alone, transmitting inductive coupler, according to Douglas Reitz, vice president of Rycom Instruments. Rycom worked with a large focus group of contract locators seeking a lightweight and safer alternative to hauling heavy transmitter boxes down aging manhole ladders.

For the locator often working in dangerous and unstable job sites, long runs of cord create tripping hazards and managing multiple pieces of heavy equipment becomes burdensome. This unit is 0.8 pounds and can clip to the outside of a pair of pants or slide around the arm.

With theft also being a concern, the cordless Clampmitter permits the user to easily lock the unit inside handholds and/or high up dips where it can operate out of the public’s eye. Companies no longer need for more than one locator employee to stand watch. It also frees the user to complete more than one locate at once, shaving an enormous amount off the bottom line, says Reitz.

The unit is engineered with three variations of highly capable inductive frequencies (33 khz, 65khz, 82 khz; 33 khz, 65khz, 83 khz; or 33 khz, 65khz, 131khz). These frequencies are commonly available on most locators from a wide range of manufacturers. And, cutting the cord means you don’t have to match your output jack to use with a different brand of locator.

The adjustable power settings allow for the just the right amount of signal to be applied. For short runs in congested areas, the low power can prevent bleed over. The high-power setting will light up the most stubborn and resistive circuits.

Rycom began manufacturing the Clampmitter late in 2018 and it is now in used in the field throughout the US and abroad. “This is one of the best most innovative products I have seen for years” says Anthony Johnstone, owner of Access Detection in New South Wales, Australia. “As one of my customers has said, it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

The Clampmitter is made in the USA at Rycom’s headquarters outside of Kansas City, Mo. The unit comes with a 2-year warranty. For more information, contact Rycom Instruments, Inc. or