Mark Stowe said, “The only thing better than being on the water with friends and catching fish is “being on the water with friends and catching fish while delivering the 811 message.”

That’s what The Direction is all about. Mark said, “The success of the show is taking good people out for a day of fishing and sharing what’s important to them.”

The Direction is a tool for damage prevention by delivering the 811 “call before you dig” message while encouraging a shared responsibility in excavation safety.

Mark continued, “It’s not just about catching fish. We have a responsibility to reach audiences that our sponsors are interested in reaching. To do that, we need to relate to them. I believe if you take the safe digging message and tie it to something someone enjoys, like fishing, and they hear the message and see it as well, they’ll most likely remember it.”

A good example of how this works is the relationship The Direction has with OHIO811. Recently The Direction scheduled and filmed a fishing show with Roger Lipscomb, OHIO811 president/executive director, to St. Clair and the Detroit River. The crew put in downtown Detroit where they were joined by Terry McWilliams and Steve Clapper. Both of these men are accomplished fishermen. Clapper was inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame in 2016. McWilliams made the Bassmaster Classic in 2007.

After a few minutes of catching up on the latest fishing stories, they paired off. Terry McWilliams and Mark Stowe fished together leaving Roger Lipscomb and Steve Clapper to fish as a duo. It was a great day for fishing as everyone caught great fish. As Mark said, “There is a big difference in fishing and catching fish, and boys…we’re catching some real fish.”

Roger managed to catch a 5-pound smallmouth. Talk about a fight. It was almost as much fun to watch as it was to catch…not quite as much fun, but almost.

While filming with Roger Lipscomb, OHIO811 is promoted throughout the show as well. You’ll be reminded to call 811 in Ohio in opening graphics, billboards and social media as the show is promoted.

Mark said, “The Direction connects very well with the outdoor audience. You never know who will be on the show, nor where we’ll go next. Last season, The Direction aired over 470 plus commercials, delivering the 811 message. We reached 12 million viewers on the Pursuit Channel, and that was just on its pilot season, airing for only 13 weeks.”

Mark continued, “The show doesn’t just carry the 811 message in commercials; the 811 logo is presented throughout the show from the boat to 811 apparel and discussed organically by the fishermen.”

Mark has a personal interest in 811 and safety as he is a professional landscaper and grade man. He understands the importance of calling 811 before digging.

The Direction will air on the Pursuit Channel, Tuesdays at 7:00 am, beginning in January 2019. The Pursuit Channel can be found at 1604 on Direct TV, 1644 on AT&T U-verse and 393 on Dish. Also, the show can be seen on live streaming feeds from Roku, Apple TV and the Pursuit app.

Mark reminds all folks who like fishing shows and believe in making that call to 811 before you dig to check them out. He said, “Like us on Facebook @thedirectiontv, or follow us on Twitter @thedirectiontv. Also, you can follow us on Instagram at thedirectionfishingtv.

And finally, don’t forget you have the option to subscribe to The Direction’s You Tube Channel and watch every episode at your own pace.

Check out “The Direction” and don’t forget to call 811 before you dig! It’s the right thing to do.